Classic Gin and Tonic

The classic and most popular way to drink gin is with tonic water. With a huge range of gins and tonics out there you can have fun experimenting with tastes and flavours to find the best gin and tonic recipe for you. Our G&T recipe is very simple and a great way to start but you might find that you want to adapt the ratios and flavours to your own tastes.

(Cocktail recipe serves 1)


  • 25ml of Hooting Owl Signature Gin
  • 40-80ml of tonic (depending on the gin/strength or how you like it, we recommend trying Double Dutch tonics)
  • Garnish (juniper berries, lemon, lime, etc)
  • Ice


  • Using either a single (25ml) or double measure (50ml) add the gin to a glass.
  • Top with tonic water - we recommend at first trying 50ml of tonic to every 25ml of gin.
  • Add a generous amount of ice.
  • Take in the aromatic scent of your gin, sip and enjoy!