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The French Tart

The French Tart

When searching for cocktails with gin we were pleased to find this one, the French Tart cocktail brings together both tart, sweet and hermbal flavours to create a drink with a unique depth to it. Each ingredient really compliments the other so as to be not too sour or not too sweet. It may take a few go’s to make the drink exactly to your taste as you may make it the first times a bit sweet or too tart.

If you notice that it tastes different from one week to the other it may be the grapefruit you use and this can change in tastes throughout the fruits season. This is one of our personal favourite gin cocktails so we highly recommend giving it a try.

Ingredients (serves 1)


  • 60ml of Gin
  • 40ml of Freshly Squeezed Pink Grapefruit Juice
  • 20ml of Elderflower Liqueur
  • 20ml of Rosemary Sugar Syrup
  • 10ml of Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 3-4 drops of sage bitters (other bitters will work)


  • Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice
  • Shake well until fully chilled
  • Strain into your glass and enjoy