Making Our Gin

From recipe development and sourcing natural ingredients to distillation, labelling and packaging, everything is done passionately and proudly in-house at Hooting Owl Distillery.

There are several methods of making gin, each of them producing a slightly different product and different purities of spirit. Here at Hooting Owl, we produce a premium London Dry Gin and the artisan method we employ involves the maceration (infusion) of our carefully selected natural botanicals in a 96% ABV neutral spirit from grain. This results in a very smooth, excellent quality, craft-distilled gin.

Each of our ingredients are natural and botanicals are thoughtfully chosen to give a good, consistent flavour. They are carefully steeped in a neutral spirit before being expertly distilled. The distillation process is exacting and can be affected by influences, such as fluctuation in temperature, which can give noticeable variations. It’s the skill of our distiller that enables us to foresee and overcome these influences to maintain consistency and quality of product.

“I’m incredibly finicky when it comes to creating spirits.
There’s a certain attention to detail that has to be
paid to get it just right.”

Dominic, Hooting Owl Owner and Distiller