Trick & Treat – Limited Edition Colour-Changing Gin

Steeped in spine-chilling superstition, the owl has carved a permanent place in the lore and legend of Halloween, making it the ideal occasion to unleash Hooting Owl’s limited edition Trick and Treat gin from the shadows.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with Trick and Treat, a limited edition colour-changing gin, expertly distilled by the magicians at Hooting Owl Distillery. Add a touch of sorcery to your gin and witness the wizardry as the blue citrus spirit changes colour right before your eyes. The carefully blended, natural ingredients in this small batch, botanical gin is pH-reactive, causing the gin to magically change from blue to pink, when tonic is added - no spell casting required.

Not only does Trick and Treat gin add a touch of theatre to your drink, it retains the same unique, smooth taste and quality of all Hooting Owl Distillery gins, making it perfect for fun-lovers and gin-lovers alike.

First the trick
- serve over ice and mix with a premium tonic of your choice to turn the blue gin pink!
Then the treat - garnish with a slice of fresh blood orange, sip and enjoy.


70cl 42% ABV

A full strength (42% abv) distilled gin made using only natural, real fruit flavours and colourings, this gin is sugar-free so you only receive the very best citrus taste.

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