VIE ‘In the Pink’ Fruit Gin Duo Set (70cl)

We’ve set our VIE Yorkshire Raspberry Gin up with our VIE Rhubarb and Vanilla Gin to create a match made in heaven. These perfectly pink VIE gins come together to make two fabulously fruity gin flavours in one delectable duo.

When one pink gin just isn’t enough.

VIE Yorkshire Raspberry Gin - 70cl
The unique taste of Hooting Owl Distillery’s botanical gin with the sweetness of ripe Yorkshire raspberries, this VIE pink gin delivers a smooth, clean taste, crisp aroma and a natural, blushing colour. Packed with the juiciest summer raspberries this fruit gin satisfied all the senses.

VIE Rhubarb and Vanilla Gin - 70cl
Hooting Owl’s London Dry gin with tart rhubarb and natural vanilla extract, this VIE flavoured gin delivering a fruity, aromatic gin with a glorious natural rose colour. A fun, pink gin bursting with fruity flavour.

Both of these VIE flavoured fruit gins are equally at home served simply over ice or topped with chilled Prosecco for a flirty, fruity pink fizz.


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